Our very first outlet is located along the hip Orchard Road strip - Singapore’s bustling shopping district - with a total floor area of 950 square metres and 26 themed rooms, with photo opportunities aplenty.

One of the defining features of K.STAR's Orchard Road branch is a floral wall at its entrance - which is as much of a focal point as it is a representation of K.STAR’s sincerity and beauty. We hope this serves as a backdrop for many photos between groups of friends as a memento of their time here together, as we wholeheartedly strive to provide beautiful experiences to everyone.

Instead of the dark interiors typical of most other KTV joints, K.STAR Orchard Road uses alluring shades of emerald green, turquoise, and gold as its main colours. The green represents nature and good health, while the blue tones bring a sense of calmness, and the gold symbolizes warmth and happiness. Though perhaps unusual, this colour combination creates a welcoming and relaxing vibe and reflects our wholesome branding.