K.STAR Karaoke’s latest outpost at Plaza Singapura is a much-needed addition to their collection of themed karaoke rooms. Sure, there might still be a prohibition on singing KTV, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spend a couple of hours out of this world in their galaxy-themed rooms for special occasions like birthdays or bridal showers.

While most of the 22 rooms are decked out in an outer space aesthetic, there are also other themes for those who prefer to stay grounded. Keep reading to find out what else you can get up to at K.STAR Plaza Singapura.

Themed rooms at K.STAR Karaoke from just $25/hour

k.star plaza singapura

There are eight Themed Rooms decked out in four distinct themes at K.STAR Plaza Singapura: Dragon Ball ZFunky AstroPink Carnival, and Retro Lounge. They’re perfect for couples and smaller groups that just want to chill out in town for a couple of hours in private.

k.star plaza singapura

Just when we thought the infinity mirror in the Funky Astro room was trippy enough, we saw prints of astronaut helmets filled with bubble gum balls on the walls and ceiling and we almost lost it. The darker colours and neon lights in the room definitely makes it feel like you’re in a fancy lounge in outer space.

k.star plaza singapura

Goku stans, on the other hand, will love the Dragon Ball Z room. Its bright colours and cushions with kanji for “Satoru” really gives it a vibe that anime lovers can surely relate to.

k.star plaza singapura

Even though this room is known as Pink Carnival for its circus-like stripes, we’re choosing to believe that Blackpink is in our area here. If singing karaoke was allowed, we know what song we’re going to sing on repeat.

k.star plaza singapura
No, that is not Taylor Swift staring at you through psychedelic glasses, which is what we thought.

We dubbed the Retro Lounge room as the “Off-White” room thanks to the big neon sign screaming Off White flanked on the sides. The brightly-coloured couch with its cyan highlights and the pink walls also add to that retro look. Hypebeasts and hypebaes, come get your OOTD here.

IG-worthy Deluxe Rooms with neon signs

k.star deluxe room

The bigger Deluxe Rooms don’t feel as claustrophobic and can hold anywhere from 10-12 people – although we’d caution against packing the room till you’re sardines.

Note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, groups can only gather at a max of eight people per room.

k.star plaza singapuraIt’s the “Nrvrer Sleeps” for me

We love the aesthetic and unique lighting in each different room, especially with the funky neon signs that make for an interesting backdrop for your Instagram stories or OOTDs. The long leather couch and bigger space also makes it look like a retro diner – just order some fried chicken and you’ll be set.

k.star plaza singapura

A custom package for three hours in the deluxe room of your choice starts at $238 and comes with free room decor, two bottles of red wine or two beer towers, two jugs of soft drinks and two servings of fried food and a selection of five main courses.

Celebrate special occasions at the bigger Panorama Rooms

k.star plaza singapura
Celebrate birthdays at K.STAR and get free room decor

If hosting a party in a hotel room is out of your means – or you just can’t be bothered to spend all that time decorating – why not celebrate the occasion at one of K.STAR’s rooms?

The special birthday suite and Panorama Rooms come equipped with a virtual panoramic wall that covers the back wall and its sides to give an added layer of ambience.

They also have some props like wigs, balloons, and marquee signs to spell out names so you don’t have to worry about buying them last-minute.

There is even a Family Party Suite that is two rooms in one for when your entire clan needs a gathering space.

k.star plaza singapura
The family suite has one main room and another smaller room that is partitioned off

The main room has two separate tables and a huge U-shaped couch with stools that can fit more than 20 people. The side room is also partitioned off so the adults can sit back and relax while the kids can scream however loud they want in the other room, which is still observable through the window!

VIP Party Rooms with panoramic backdrop for 35 pax and more

k.star plaza singapura

The only appropriate reaction when you step into the VIP room is “wow”. Not only is it expansive and spacious with two separate seating areas, there are also trippy lasers from the ceiling and wall projections to add to the atmosphere of you and your fellow VIPs.

You can easily fit over 35 of your friends and family for any party here and prevent any of those awkward “Where was my invitation?” conversations.

Renting the VIP room will set you back from $120/hour, with a minimum of three hours required per booking. But when you take into consideration the amount of space and equipment at your disposal, it’s a lot more worth it when compared to booking a hotel suite.

Pig out on dumplings and hot pot with your friends

k.star plaza singapura

Just because you can’t belt your favourite karaoke hits doesn’t mean you can’t eat, drink, and be merry at K.STAR. From classic comfort food like chicken spaghetti and dumplings to sinful fried treats like chicken wings and popcorn chicken, you can pig out with your friends without feeling guilty.

You can even take things up a notch and order their lamb spine hot pot package ($138++) for that pseudo private dining experience as it comes with three hours use of the room and a bottle of red wine.

Get popular Korean snacks and drinks at the neon minimart

k.star minimart plaza singapura

What sets this new K.STAR at Plaza Singapura apart from the other outlets is the minimart that sells a variety of Korean snacks and drinks. After all, that’s partially what the “K” in K.STAR stands for.

This is no generic mama shop either, mind you. The shelves are lit up in a bright green and pink for that whimsy feel, and even the baskets are golden metal types so you can feel like an atas grocery shopper.

instant noodles and soju

From cream cookies and biscuits to the infamous super-spicy instant noodles, you can get a snack to bring home or nibble on in the themed rooms. You can also get your favourite flavour of soju ($16/bottle).

K.STAR Karaoke’s latest outlet at Plaza Singapura

k.star plaza singapura

The pandemic hasn’t been kind to our usual KTV haunts, but the themed rooms at K.STAR lets us do more than just zhao xia (voice crack) while singing Adele’s Someone Like You.

Besides eating and drinking to your heart’s content, you can also bring board games or playing cards if you want to do more than just HTHT till the staff chase you out because your booking is up.

The prices are also very affordable: students only need to fork out $5++/hour – this package includes one soft drink, a sugar-free swiss roll, and complimentary Wifi. Adults can also get this same package for $6++/hour for an after-work chill out session or even small team cohesions with their colleagues.

k star plaza singapura

The galaxy-themed decor and atmosphere also makes it a unique backdrop compared to the other K.STAR outlets at Suntec City and Orchard Central.